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Welcome to the Maxey Parish Council website. Thank you for visiting us!

We created this free resource to keep residents and visitors alike up to date with the latest news, views, events and changes to a village known far and wide for its welcoming, inclusive and proactive outlook on rural life.

If you have an event going on, want to share some news, or simply have some wonderful historic content or fantastic photos of the local area to share then we would love you to get in touch. You’ll find all the details of how to do that and more on our Contacts page.

The Council News page contains information such as Council meeting minutes, accounting statements as well as Planning applications.

Village Life pages contain village history, photographs, newsletters, Church information as well as information about the John Perkins village field and what it provides.

Please feel free to browse these pages for more detailed information.

Maxey also has its own Village Hall, a thriving resource with many activities organised by the Village Hall committee. The Hall is also available for private hire.

For more information please visit the Village Hall website at http://maxeyvillagehall.co.uk/

Our Village Sign

The profile of the Maxey Village sign, in the shape of a Roman helmet represents the first Lords of the Manor, the Delamare family, who built Maxey Castle and ruled for 300 years.

The Tudor rose represents Lady Margret Beaufort who bought the Manor in the beginning of the 15th century, and who built the Lady Chapel in the church. She was the mother of Henry Tudor and grandmother to Henry VIII.

The Celtic cross represents the period that Maccus ruled.

The blue edging and castellated crosspiece depicts Roman boundaries, King Street to the East and Car Dyke to the West.

This sign can be seen at various locations through the village and a detailed explanation is also available at the triangle in the heart of the village.

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If you have news items to post please contact a member of the council.